Why DAM?

DAM software is an easy way to keep track of all your digital files conveniently in an off-site location. Files that were once stored in a library of CDs can now be organized in a Digital Asset Management system or DAM. DAM software let’s you securely access your digital assets from anywhere, at any time.

What is a digital asset?

Digital assets can include logos, photos, documents, presentations, PDFs, memos, and more. Your digital assets become useless when you can’t find them or can’t get them to the person who needs them. That’s where DAM software like dampdocs comes into play, allowing you to reach your files from any location and any device via an online digital asset management system.

Who needs a DAM?

You should consider a DAM if you are looking to streamline your current processes and grow your business. When you are investing valuable time in locating and sharing your digital assets, DAM software can streamline the process and ensure accessibility. With dampdocs, your business can adapt Digital Asset Management to a more collaborative environment in a secure setting. Read more about industries that benefit from dampdocs.

Using a DAM like dampdocs

Your administrator will ingest your digital assets and metadata into dampdocs. Then organize assets into categories, zones, and favorites as your number of DAM software users grow. Take advantage of the online digital asset management system’s full text PDF search feature to easily find your documents. Read up on all the innovative dampdocs features.