Customizable Dashboard

dampdocs users can customize their own experience by prominently placing the assets they want to view on their dashboard. The Digital Asset Management (DAM) dashboard is easily utilized from any device including a smartphone. Users can quickly access their favorite digital assets, important quick links, change zones, visit your cart and manage your account all from the dampdocs dashboard.

Access Control Zones

dampdocs is a password-protected DAM solution that allows users to be assigned to appropriate zones. Users are allowed access only to those zones they have permission to view. Think department-specific, management/employee documents or territory/state-specific situations. Each zone can be configured with a unique portal page, search categories, rules, and look and feel.

On-Screen Preview

dampdocs provides on-screen previews for select document types. The on-screen preview allows users to scroll through the document before proceeding, thereby reducing download wait times and unnecessary printing. With the on-screen preview, the user can be sure they’ve got the correct document.

Activity Tracking

dampdocs can track a wide range of usage statistics including number of items, size of library, number of visitors, number of views, number of downloads and much more. This gives you vital data you need to manage inventories and expenses.

Visual Presentation

dampdocs was developed with visual recognition in mind. Each item in your dampdocs system has a visual preview, making it easy to quickly identify the correct item. When you load your assets into dampdocs, you can choose your own preview image, use a representative icon or have dampdocs generate a preview for you (applies to selected file types).


dampdocs searches the keywords, descriptions and the actual text of PDF documents, providing users with the most accurate search results every time. No more searching through file after file on a server. dampdocs makes it extremely easy and efficient to find the information and documents you need.

File Types

dampdocs accepts most common document types such as PDF, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as some not-so-common file types. To check if dampdocs accepts a specific file type, please contact us.

Asset Delivery

dampdocs gives you choices for delivering your assets. Users can download assets to their computer, tablet or mobile phone, email assets to an email address (perfect for salespeople in the field) or order hard copies of printed literature. You can customize dampdocs to fit your organization’s needs.


dampdocs allows you to organize your materials into categories, making it easy for users to sort and locate items regardless of how large your library grows. Categories can be created for different products, departments, divisions, markets and customers, and they can be used to organize materials according to type, such as brochure or spec sheet, and subject, such as product line or industry.

Shopping Cart

dampdocs has an integrated shopping cart that allows users to order and email assets. No more downloading and attaching huge files to an email only to have it rejected for exceeding file size limits. It’s fast and easy to distribute documents.

Order Manager

dampdocs has an integrated order manager that tracks and displays orders for hard-copy assets. This allows to you to accurately and effectively manage your inventories of printed materials. The Order Manager automatically calculates inventory levels based on orders and highlights items below a specified re-order point. It also provides a complete view of order history and status, item history and inventory levels.


With the subscriptions-based notifications feature, users can choose to be notified only when specific assets are uploaded.


Administrators can send notification memos to users whenever the system is updated with a new asset or assets.

Public Links

Access a public URL for any asset. Share the link in an email, send it in a text … the limits are endless. This feature makes communication with clients and team members seamless. Give anyone access to the asset or set that access to expire. It’s up to you.