What type of documents files can be managed by dampdocs?

dampdocs manages multiple file types to help you manage everything associated with your brand. The most commonly used files include PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, Encapsulated PostScript (EPS), Targa (TGZ), Digital Negative (DNG), MOV (QuickTime), QuickTime, Audio Video Interleave (AVI), Flash, Flash Video (FLV), SWF (ShockWave Flash), InDesign, QuarkXpress, QXD, and RAW. Contact Vervocity Interactive if you have questions about any other types of digital files.

How secure are my digital assets?

Your data is our responsibility. Trust that your documents are hosted in a secure location or secure cloud environment.

What are the benefits of a Digital Asset Management Portal?

Your organization will save time searching for and utilizing documents. When projects and service move faster, you save money. Save your employees’ time for more important work that generates revenue.

How many computers can use dampdocs at the same time?

dampdocs is available from any desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. Multiple users can access the portal at the same time with no disruption.

Does dampdocs have a maintenance plan?

dampdocs comes with online instruction and is user-friendly and maintenance free. As a dampdocs user you will receive free email support. If your organization would like additional help or someone to input your digital files into your new dampdocs system, we can provide you with a quote based upon your needs. The dampdocs team is always working on updates and enhancements as well.