Easy to Use, Administer, Implement

Easy to Use

With simple point-and-click navigation, intuitive browsing and robust search capabilities, dampdocs is easy for anyone in your organization to use.

While one of your team members is in sales and works with sales presentations, PDF files and quotes; another is in marketing and works with logos and photos. Fortunately, dampdocs will manage multiple files at varying file sizes. Because the dampdocs system is user-friendly, any team member can hit the ground running and get all those files off their hard drive, server or USB drive.

Easy to Administer

Administrators within your organization will work with intuitive content management and system tools. No special technical knowledge or programming language is needed to work in dampdocs.

Each user starts from their dampdocs dashboard where they will see all their favorite digital assets, important quick links and more. They will access a thumbnail for most digital assets before committing to download, print or email the file.

Easy to Implement

dampdocs is easy to implement and can be rapidly deployed within a week. Administrators can easily upload and organize multiple digital files into zones for grouped users from the dampdocs web-based CMS.

Training will go quickly for users as dampdocs was developed with visual recognition in mind.