Easy on IT Resources


As a web-based solution, dampdocs can be deployed immediately without the need for IT staffing and resources.

Via any web browser, your Administrator will log into the dampdocs CMS to upload and organize digital files into zones for grouped users. It doesn’t take an IT person to get your files where you want them to go.

dampdocs itself will be ready for users immediately when files are available to them.


With no hardware or software to install, dampdocs is accessible via any popular web-browser. On-line help and task wizards are available to guide users through the system.

Assets are accessible to users 24/7 anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Whether they are on a computer, tablet or phone, the user can preview the asset thumbnail and then choose to download, print or email any of the assets assigned to zones they have access to. This make it easy to get sales documents, logos, presentations, photos and other assets where they need to go fast.

Your Data

No expensive network servers are needed to run dampdocs. All data and digital assets are stored, backed up and maintained on fully secure, off-site servers.

Presentations can get bulky. File size grows when dealing with logos and other marketing materials. Let dampdocs handle your files no matter the size.