Ditch the pile of memos, brochures, policies, presentations, logos, photos and more for a better system today. dampdocs will be your asset management tool!


Organize all your documents with one digital asset management (DAM) tool. A Customizable Dashboard, Access Control Zones, On-Screen Preview, Activity Tracking, Notifications and more will ensure your team is on the same page.

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Any company large or small will see that dampdocs is affordable, easy to use and does not require any IT support. If you want to grow your brand and see results you can monetize, dampdocs is a great solution from Vervocity Interactive.

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If your company produces, manages and distributes a large quantity of digital files or documents, you would benefit from a dampdocs system. Clean up your PDF files and more with a user-friendly DAM system today!

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What is dampdocs?

dampdocs is a Digital Asset Management Portal designed to connect people across your organization with latest versions of the documents they need to access. The ways to use dampdocs are as diverse as your organization, from putting product collateral in the hands of distributors or your sales team to making HR policies and procedures available to employees, the capabilities of dampdocs are endless. It is the perfect document asset management (DAM) system for any sized company and virtually any industry. With dampdocs, you can easily organize, download, search, email, fulfill print orders, track, measure, segregate by parameters and much more – all while reducing wasted resources such as paper, ink and valuable time. dampdocs is affordable, with prices customized for the needs of your enterprise, and needs no IT support on your end. It can be up and running in a matter of days, working for your organization immediately.


Connecting People with Documents